Why Co-Create with us?

ShareCARD uniquely blends your data collection, analysis, project tracking, monitoring, evaluation, and adaptive learning functions to achieve accurate impact success, and accountability.

We invite you to innovate with us for accountability that drives business and impact success. Let’s turn  data into tangible, impactful actions and pave the way for a sustainable future!

For 6 months, together, we will work to identify relevant active programs within your organization for platform utilization and engage in a co-creation exercise to refine and enrich your impact offering to your community with ShareCARD.


Our pilot partnership revolves around a central question; How can digital tools, clean real-time data, last-mile traceability, and collaboration be wielded to foster sustainable development, disaster preparedness, and recovery with the impact you aspire to achieve? Join us in co-creating innovative solutions providing your mentorship of industry needs and gaps and feedback as industry experts and state representatives, ensuring that ideas are not just visionary but also feasible within your specific domains.

We are actively seeking co-creation partnerships with organizations transitioning away from paper-based data trails, to advancing a green journey. Embrace the power of investment and co-creation, as you create impact in a way that shapes policy and contributes to advancing your contributions to a positive future. Industry experts play a crucial role in actioning the utilization of data for services that attract regional-level growth.


Our societies and industries are undergoing active change on two fronts – digitalization and green transition. This poses both challenges and opportunities. Addressing climate change and energy crisis on an individual, municipal and national level comes with a sense of urgency. At the same time, we face digitalization on every level, which comes with collecting large sets of diverse data.

Local municipalities often grapple with challenges in supporting large-scale change. Co-creating with us to refine ShareCARD and close your hard pressing digitization gaps ensure  every small endeavor in your last mile implementation can enhance efficiency and deliver better results for your beneficiaries and customers.


To introduce the Smart Data Co-creation Pilot Campaign – 2024, discovering potential of your data, and share some great examples of ShareCARD use cases in International Aid and Development, Agriculture, Public Health Care, Financial Institutions, Educational Institutions and Research Organizations, Startup Ecosystem Hubs, Philanthropic Foundations and Impact Investors., We’ll host a webinar on May 3 at 12:00 PM . SIGN UP HERE.


  1. Get inspiration from the pre-event happening on May 3 at 12:00 PM.
  2. Register to Partner and co-create.
  3. At the beginning of the co-creation we will train and onboard your teams on how to leverage ShareCARD and identify an active project for deployment.
  4. During the 6 months, we will work with your team and with our mentors to refine ShareCARD for you


SIGN UP by May 20th 2024

In case you get any questions, contact us at sawilli@sharecardapp.com

Co-Create With Us.

Achieve seamless collaboration, real-time accountability, and easy data sharing with your partners and teams. 

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