Simplified Last-Mile Program Data Collection, Verification, and Analysis for seamless execution available to everyone.

Empower impactful last-mile interventions with real-time insights with ShareCARD. Adopt efficient program management where data meets success.

All Your Project and Business Data in One Place.

Easily collaborate and achieve last-mile visibility with real-time, traceable data insights for targeted project implementation. No fragmented databases or duplication to expand your reach seamlessly.

Co-Create With Us

Smart Data Co-creation Pilotcampaign – 2024

The ShareCARD Smart Data Management Software Pilot Campaign aims to establish a 6-month collaboration with implementation partners tasked with identifying relevant active programs for platform utilization.

A Multi functional
All-in-one Platform For Projects

Data Entry

ShareCARD provides you with real-time insights on how beneficiaries access your programs, enabling you to respond swiftly to their needs.

Efficient RM and Tracking

Track resources from distribution points to beneficiaries, reducing duplication of efforts and ensuring effective utilization of resources.

Seamless Implementing Team

Working with multiple implementation partners? ShareCARD fosters transparency, harmonious collaboration, and stronger partnerships.

Optimized Minute by Minute Monitoring, Evaluations, and Adaptive Learning.

Curate clean data with an overview of the entire organization’s performance over time.

  • Define workflows for field agents and project officers
  • Ease data sharing among implementing partners
  • Realtime data reports on your admin dashboard

Go Paperless Today!

Cost-effective, user-friendly, with rapid access to crucial information at a simple click.

ShareCARD excels in offering real-time data verification up to the final beneficiary, streamlining your project implementation strategies, and eliminating the fragmented nature of data sources prevalent across various partnering agencies and industries

Resource Distribution monitoring


Verified Participant

Realtime Impact

Venture Support Partners

Our venture partners provide us with the financial resources, strategic guidance, and industry expertise we need to continue to innovate and deliver exceptional value to our customers.