Our Vision

At ShareCARD, we envision a world where organizations of all sizes can access, analyze, and act upon real-time data, facilitating informed decisions that drive lasting positive impact.
Our commitment to empowerment, transparency, innovation, and impact serves as the guiding light for our endeavors.

How We Started

In 2020, our founder began innovating the ShareCARD technology amidst the globalCOVID-19 lockdown. PadSHARE was the first pilot project, a revolutionary initiative that gave girls decentralized access to menstrual hygiene essentials during the lockdown. Our focus was to save time for girls seeking support, by reducing the time spent waiting and walking to aid centers for support.
We won the EU Global Hackathon and collaborated with seven volunteers, serving 200 girls in the Kisenyi slums during the pilot. We ensured 100% remote accountability for distributed period packages..

PadSHARE focused on enhancing menstrual hygiene accessibility by transitioning from crowded events to enabling girls to obtain packages within a five-minute walk.
Our first MVP provided us with 100% accountability and real-time insights into how we were supporting over 200 girls with menstrual hygiene packages monthly – remotely.
This was groundbreaking for PADshare.

However, we soon recognized a more widespread issue. Many organizations were struggling to reach their beneficiaries during the lockdown, leaving their impact uncertain.

According to the 2017 IATI report, 70% of organizations in Africa lack an effective system for standardized data management and reporting.
This means missed opportunities for progress and impact, and worse, funding mismanagement.

Our Mission

To empower organizations with the tools to harness data for maximum social impact, fostering a future where traceable data is a fundamental driver of positive change, business success and sustainable development.